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As women our lives form a tapestry of our experiences and transitions. My favorite transition has been that of motherhood. The greatest joy and most powerful experiences of my life have been carrying, birthing, and raising my four, amazing, children. I learned how much immense love the heart is capable of holding and The capacity we have as women to intuitively raise our children.

I personally understand and specialize in the struggles of traumatic birth and postpartum mood disorders, and know how challenging recovery can be without support. I bring the tools I have learned for healing to my postpartum doula practice as well as my extensive knowledge as a newborn care specialist.

For over twenty-five years I have been dedicated to working with and supporting women through health, Fitness, and transitional transformation.

I am passionate in my desire to serve and support you and your loved ones through this magical, powerful, and transformational journey.

With love,

Sheri Poe



Sheri has spent her life dedicated to working as a champion for women.  In 1987, she founded Ryka, the first and only athletic footwear designed exclusively for women, where she claimed her place in history as an early female CEO and used her unique position to become a pioneer in corporate responsibility by creating the R.O.S.E. (Regaining One’s Self Esteem) Foundation, a non-profit designed to help end violence against women. Her philanthropic aspirations stemmed from her own experience as a victim of sexual assault and a deep motivation to prevent any woman from living through the same trauma.

Sheri’s work led her to become the recipient of several honorary doctorate degrees. She has spoken before audiences throughout the country about her experiences as an entrepreneur, an assault survivor, a working mother and a leader in corporate social responsibility. Sheri has also shared her story of triumph on national television and in publications, including: The Today Show, Oprah, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, People, The Los Angeles Times & Business Week.

Sheri has been recognized by the National Association of Female Executives with a NAFFY Award for nurturing the aspirations of females for the future. She also received The New England Women’s Leadership Award in Business, National Victim’s Center Milton Petrie Award and the Women Of Excellence Award for her outstanding contributions toward helping end violence in our society.

Sheri & her children.

Sheri & her children.

Though Sheri’s advocacy for women in the corporate realm is a hallmark of her life’s work, she felt that the most powerful and valuable experience of her life was birthing and raising her four children where the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling future is built. In 2015, Sheri embarked on the path of working with new mothers and their babies, and became a postpartum doula. Today Sheri weaves decades of experience into the profound and deeply gratifying service that she offers women and their families so that she can guide and help inspire them to live balanced lives full of authenticity, integrity and joy. 



DONA Trained Birth & Postpartum Doula
Sherman Oaks, CA • Bini Birth

Newborn Care Specialist
Los Angeles, CA • NCSA

Infant CPR
Los Angeles, CA • American Red Cross

Breastfeeding For Pros - Advanced Training
Los Angeles, CA •Headfirst Lactation

Advanced Breastfeeding Training
Los Angeles, CA •The Pump Station

Advanced Postpartum Doula Training
Los Angeles, CA • Joy of Birthing Foundation

Domestic Violence Advocate Training
Los Angeles, CA •Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles

Current Solutions - Sexual Assault Survivor Platform
San Luis Obispo, CA • Public Speaker, Mentor

Sojourn Services For Battered Women & Their Children
Santa Monica, CA • Advisory Board Member