LA Newborn Concierge


Prepare to welcome your newborn bundle home with the exclusive service of a Newborn Concierge.

A nursery concierge professional helps to create a custom nursery and nursery checklist based on your needs and desires so that you can be confident in your product choices.

We save you money by only purchasing items that are necessary, as well as help you sort through what you may already have to decide what you really want and what you still need.  We are knowledgeable about the latest, the greatest, and the safest in the newborn baby world.

Ask questions, make a plan, or pick our brain for personal organization tips to help you be prepared enough to relax and enjoy your baby.

Our services include:

  • Complete custom nursery set up and registry based on your needs.

  • Stocking of all baby products.

  • Organization of nursery.

  • We will come in and complete your nursery leaving it stocked with supplies to last you during the first few weeks home with your newborn.

  • We keep a file of your products and gear so if you need anything reordered or restocked we can do that for you.

2 Hour In-Home Consultation: $300