The 4th Trimester Bundle

The 4th Trimester Bundle


Over first 6 weeks:

  • Breastfeeding 101: latch technique, positioning, pumping instruction, nipple care, managing milk supply, burping, breastmilk storage.

  • Mother’s physical & emotional recovery support

  • Healthy postpartum nutrition

  • Processing birth story

  • Emotional support for potential postpartum mood disorders

  • Supporting partner's adjustment to parenthood

  • Develop AM/PM parenting teamwork

  • Baby basics: swaddling, diapering, bathing, cord & circumcision, reading baby’s cues

  • Instruction in The No Cry Sleep Solution method to gently guide newborns to natural AM/PM sleeping rhythms

  • Sibling integration

  • Babywearing instruction


  • 1 Prenatal visit

  • 1 Hospital visit (on call around due date)

  • 4 Home visits (3/hr each)

  • 4 Phone calls (30 minutes each)

  • Text support

  • Access to referrals & educational resources

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