Virtual Postpartum Doula Bundle

Virtual Postpartum Doula Bundle


Mothers need just as much attention as a newborn, because they too have just been born.

The fourth trimester postpartum period with a new baby can be confusing with content overload, friends and family giving you input and going down the rabbit hole of the internet. I will cut through the noise and guide you through every step of the journey. I am here to help you and your new family where you are most in need.

If distance, schedule or finances do not afford an in-person doula or newborn care specialist, but you’re still finding you need personalized support, this is a great way to get the essential help, information, and resources you’re seeking.

Whether it is a question regarding your recovery, newborn questions, or if you are experiencing baby blues, you do not have to figure it out alone - expert support is just a phone call or video chat away!

When you work with me you will receive:

  • Tailor make your support based on your particular postpartum needs and areas of concern.

  • Help with managing your family relationships and dynamics.

  • Emotional check-ins.

  • A Postpartum Plan that you can share with your family, so you can feel secure that everyone is on the same page with your needs after your baby is born.

  • Help troubleshooting breastfeeding issues.

  • Strategies to care for your newborn.

  • Access regular email communication.

A Package of Four, 60 Minute Zoom Sessions

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