Every new mom needs a village.

Being a new mom can be isolating. We are stuck in our homes day after day just trying to get through. Just getting to a support group with your baby can seem overwhelming, but it is incredibly important to our emotional health to find our village of moms.

There is so much healing and strength in hearing each others stories. Feeling heard and understood gives us perspective and can make us feel like we are not alone. We gain insight, clarity and community through our weekly sessions together.

  • Share personal discoveries and challenges in a safe, confidential circle.

  • Get valuable tools to work with fourth-trimester questions, including newborn behavioral and developmental transitions, sleep issues, breastfeeding support, healing and recovery.

  • Process birth stories, post-baby relationship issues, and learn how to carve out “me time.”

One-on-one virtual support is also available - learn more here.

Join us every Saturday morning from 9:30 -11AM and find your village.
Please email to get our Zoom login information.
All noisy babies welcome!

Singles sessions and packages available.