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Sheri played an instrumental role in my postpartum recovery and my journey into motherhood. Not only was she knowledgeable in newborn care, but she also provided emotional support and made sure that me and my husband were also doing well individually and as a couple. Since our whole family is on the East Coast, we were worried about feeling isolated, lost and alone as first-time parents, but Sheri felt almost like a mother figure / therapist / doula in one package and helped alleviate our stress and fears. From the beginning (months before I was even due), Sheri checked in regularly and provided helpful resources and articles. She also helped me build my baby registry and navigate the overwhelming world of baby products. She is always responsive and available, and genuinely cares for all of her clients and their wellbeing. We found so much value in hiring Sheri as our postpartum doula from figuring out when to introduce bottles, how often to pump, how to take shifts so we can both get enough sleep, how to establish a sleep schedule and routine for the baby, etc. I am certain I would’ve had a much more emotionally and physically challenging entry into motherhood if it weren’t for Sheri.
— Elly, Mother of Sophia

Hiring Sheri Poe as our postpartum doula was the absolute best investment we made in our entire journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Sheri joined us the day we brought our daughter home and was able to not only give us essentially a hands-on childcare class in the care of our newborn daughter, she also took incredible care of me in the postpartum period. There is so much focus on the baby in the context of pregnancy, childbirth, and even postpartum that very often the health and needs of the new mom and family are relegated to afterthoughts. The reality is that the healthier the mom and the family itself the better off the baby will be. Sheri was incredible in her ability to remind me to focus on self-care, to sleep when possible, and to let go of any preconceived ideas about how this experience was “supposed” to be. Sheri gave me permission to go through the experience of the first few weeks of motherhood and to accept as totally normal my fluctuating emotions, anxieties, and fears. Sheri guided me and my husband from fledgling, terrified first-time parents to more confident and comfortable care-givers by the end of our time with her. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone giving birth to a new baby, first-time parent or otherwise.
— Sarah C., mother of Isabella

Sheri is fantastic! As first time parents far from our families and with very little local support, we knew we needed a doula who could fill many shoes. Sheri did that and more. She was a baby expert, life coach, gave emotional support, and became like a surrogate mom to me. She encouraged us to trust our instincts and built our confidence as new parents. When my birth experience didn’t go to plan, Sheri adjusted quickly and helped us recover and find our new normal. She also gave me the best advice I’ve heard since my son was born: “This won’t last forever.” When I’m up all night with my little one or trapped under my baby who FINALLY fell asleep, Sheri’s words echo in my mind and help me enjoy these precious moments. I highly recommend Sheri, especially to first time parents.
— Karen, Mother of Aden

What a blessing it was to have Sheri as my Postpartum Doula. She was amazing!!! I can’t rave about her enough. I was blessed with her presence as a gift from a great friend of mine. I had no idea what a postpartum doula was until I met Sheri and realized how important having one is. She was God sent. Sheri helped coming home from the hospital with a newborn peaceful and reassuring. She made sure I had support at home to heal and helped me get through some challenging moments. Sheri was extremely knowledgeable and was great with our little one. She’s not your average doula. She goes above an beyond and that’s what makes her so special. We Love Sheri!
— Justine P., mother of Shiloh

Sheri was an incredible source of support to us after the birth of our first baby. In fact, she was also incredibly supportive prior to our son’s birth - regularly checking and showing care and concern for me during my pregnancy. Postpartum, Sheri cooked delicious, healthy meals for us, ran errands, and taught us essentials about baby care and what to expect in terms of our baby’s development. Sheri also helped us catch our son’s tongue tie. She sent us to the pediatrician to have him weighed when she suspected he wasn’t getting enough to eat. Our son had lost weight and the pediatrician referred us to a lactation consultant who referred us to a pediatric dentist. We were able to get the issue resolved, and during that challenging time period, Sheri offered support and encouragement. Sheri is a treasure. She is extremely educated and informed and also has a very sweet and kind personality. We highly recommend her, especially for first time parents.
— Ashley, mother of Issac

The nature of a postpartum doula is that of pure concern and affection for the mother and family. After childbirth, especially the first, parents are thrust into a new and uncertain environment. Sheri helped us to navigate these uncharted waters and was literally waiting for us when we came home from the hospital. Fortunately for us, our last day at the hospital was not filled with the anxiety of a million what if’s… She told us upfront what to expect and even explained the week by week milestones of newborn development. As a full fledged Type A personality, I have endless questions that lead to more questions and Sheri was there to help guide us. And not just once the baby arrived, but also leading up to for when the baby is to arrive. We received a shopping list of product recommendations, many of which, I would not have thought of to buy. And anything we forgot Sheri went to buy for us! The care we received from the little things such as reminders to drink water and nap to larger things like overall wellness and anticipating the major shift in reality. The old adage is true, it takes a village…and a postpartum doula is like the wise lady of that village!
— Andrea C., mother of Faye

My husband and I can’t say enough about how much of an impact Sheri Poe had in the first few months of our son’s life. While we have a lot of family in the area we decided to explore the possibility of working with a postpartum doula and conducted a number of interviews. We decided to work with Sheri because of her kind nature, experience and positive approach to care of both mama and baby as well as partners following birth. Prior to the birth of our son Sheri was available to us for questions and also provided a number of invaluable resources making our transition to parenthood much easier. Following the birth of our son she got us off on the right foot in trying to have our baby recognize day and night. She cared so much for our little family! I looked forward to her visits and we found her to be so helpful we added additional hours to her contract. Our son is a few months old and we tell all expecting and new families about her. We can’t say enough about how she helped and guided my husband, son, and myself.
— Erin G., Mother of Bennett

I’d like to introduce Sheri Poe. She walked into our lives, as I literally believe a godsend, and just appeared at our doorstep, seemingly out of nowhere, as a Fairy Godmother and our Postpartum Doula. I remember when we first met, I was shaking, I was so scared. So scared to trust anyone, because at this point, I didn’t trust myself and everything that had just happened. It was all too much, I didn’t understand anything, being a Mom, being a wife, daughter-in-law, student, etc., where did I begin and what was I doing? All I knew was that I was falling apart at the seams, coming completely undone. Sheri is a trauma specialist, newborn care specialist, and so much more. She’s appeared on The Today Show, Oprah, and founded RYKA. But you know what’s the best thing about this woman….I wish I had a page to sing her praises, but I don’t want to lose your attention. This woman has a heart for other severely postpartum women and she will sit with you in your pain, validate what you’re going through, and does this with a posture of humility, telling you it is a privilege and honor to help you find the light again, from the darkness and hell you were living in. She’s been there and she speaks from a place of empathy, not sympathy or pity. Besides all this, Sheri is willing to pull up her sleeves and wash your dishes, do your laundry, and bake out of this world lactation treats, ANYTHING she can do to help you see the light and believe in yourself again. Sheri, God sent you to our home and we will always be grateful for your piecing our family back together, and most of all, loving our Josiebear (when I could not), until I was ready to begin again.
— Kristy, mother of Josie

Sheri came into our home to help with our 6 week old, we were having a difficult time managing her rhythm with naps and dealing with some issues with sleep and feeding as well. Sheri had a lot of great hands-on tips for us on how to work through these phases and was full of resources and advice. She checked in constantly on our baby’s progress and was always just a text message away. Sheri is super loving and our little girl felt at ease being around her. We recommend her for anyone looking for some support navigating life with a newborn!
— Shannon D., mother of Sage

It’s hard to express how thankful I am that we found Sheri. Towards the end of my pregnancy I thought it would be helpful to have a postpartum doula since this was my first baby, and I obviously had no idea what to expect nor any idea what I was doing. From the very beginning Sheri exceeded all expectations; from her flexibility to her incredible ability to connect with me as a mom and my brand new baby. She was a huge support and helped guide me through the first few roller coaster weeks postpartum, as well as provide amazing insight and advice to what was going on with my new baby. She was amazing with my baby boy, and I felt so comfortable leaving him in her care (as a newborn care specialist) while I took a much needed nap. For any mom about to have a baby, whether it’s your first, second, or third; I would highly suggest hiring Sheri as your postpartum doula. She is definitely a valuable resource and support, and we feel so blessed to have had her as a part of our little family.
— Jon, Michelle, and Baby Bennett

Sheri was an immense help to our family in the postpartum period, particularly in the initial days and weeks when we were home with our daughter. Sheri has a natural caregiving instinct and intuitive sense for babies. She coached us in the early days on how to set up good habits, the importance of long, full feeds during the day and other techniques for maximizing sleep at night. After a few days with Sheri, I felt ahead of the game in terms of my knowledge of my baby girl and how to provide for her as well as take care of myself. I also saw first-hand how my baby responded to her and relaxed in her care— a true gift to a new, first time mom.
— Katie, mother of Jane

I can’t thank Sheri enough for all the help and support she has provided to me and my family since we brought our son home from the hospital. From the first telephone call, Sheri has been so helpful and supportive. She gave me great tips even before I delivered and more importantly, even before I asked her to work with us. She just so very clearly loves what she does and cares about women (and their babies) during their prenatal nd postpartum stages.
Sheri helped me process my feelings over my difficult delivery and early troubles with breastfeeding. She was always available to listen and lend advice on any baby-related issue. It was so nice to have someone to listen without judgement. When it came to helping with our newborn, Sheri was a wealth of knowledge and could answer any question we had. She taught my husband and I so much about caring for a newborn and helped us set good routines from day one. We will always be grateful for all the help Sheri has provided and most importantly for the love and care that she has always shown our son.
— Katrine, mother of Leo

During the birth of my son I sustained a 4th degree tear and had to be separated from him for 12 hours almost immediately after his birth. The trauma of this experience caused me extreme anxiety upon coming home from the hospital. My midwife suggested that I hire a postpartum doula and I feel so lucky to have been matched up with Sheri. She called me that evening and talked me through all of my fears. She understood exactly what I was going through and when we hung up I was able to sleep for the first time in three nights. My husband and I felt that if we got nothing else except that phone call it would have been worth the investment. But of course we got so much more. Sheri is an expert at what she does and passionately wants to help women (and their partners) through their transition into parenthood. She taught us about babies cues and helped us establish a routine for our son. At 1 month he was already sleeping 5 hours at night and now at 2 months sleeps 6-7 hours without waking. She’s extremely available and encourages me to text about anything that comes up. Sheri seriously knows her stuff and I’m so grateful to her for her guidance and love through this process. She truly does love all her mamas and especially when you don’t have family nearby, knowing that someone really cares makes all the difference.
— Darian H., mother of Finley

Sheri was a great help when we had our first child, Mathilda. She was readily available to us, not only in the hours she spent in our home, but also via text and phone. As new parents, we faced new seemingly insurmountable obstacles everyday, but with Sheri’s expertise and chill disposition, we were able to get through those early exhausting days. Whether it was difficulties with feeding (breast or bottle), sleeping, or soothing, Sheri provided fantastic solutions that we have incorporated into our daily routine. She was also happy to watch Mathilda so we could nap, which turned out to be the greatest gift anybody had ever given us.
— Amanda, Mother of Mathilda

As first time parents my husband and I were incredibly grateful for Sheri’s support during the fourth trimester. Sheri’s warm and nurturing personality was exactly what we needed to ease the anxiety of caring for our newborn during our first weeks home. She not only provided us with newborn care support but also made sure we were caring for ourselves so we could be the best possible parents for our new child. Sheri genuinely cares for the well-being of our family and her support is a gift we will never take for granted! Thank you!
— Anushka B., mother of Yara